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Welcome to JumboFeed
JumboFeed is a PHP Search Engine script provided by QualityEbiz.com
This is a script demo site. To learn and purchase JumboFeed script, click below.
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JumboFeed information

JumboFeed is a powerful PHP script for search engines looking for excellent performance and highest security filters.
Those who have a serious search engine business and look for a reasonable system handling millions search queries a day and need good traffic quality control filters, JumboFeed is absolutely for them. The key to success with a search engine business is having good site performance and traffic quality control system.
QualityEbiz's development team has been dedicating into the search engine industry since 2001 and has extremely dense knowledge and experience with scripting for Pay-Per-Click search engine business. Thier effort of improvement with scripts will never stop.
JumboFeed comes with everything you need in one package.

JumboFeed is a feature rich out-of-the-box solution and you can literally start building your Search Engine within minutes after installation. It has a very easy-to-use interface which everybody can operate the administrative work without having difficulties. The online Demo's may give you a good feel of what JumboFeed offers you (Click here to find Demo site information).

JumboFeed also comes with extensive documentation that explains all features and options in detail and in simple to understand terms. JumboFeed makes it very flexible to ensure that everything you need is there. This also makes it possible to build almost any kind of specialized Search Engine.

That is not all. JumboFeed does not only offer search engine features but it also offers shopping cart, contents management system, payment gateways and many advertising features beside Pay-Per-Click bidding system. Simple is the best. But it offers all features people look for!
  • Cost effective : The most remarkable feature of Jumbofeed is the performance management. JumboFeed can handle millions queries with a small size of shared hosting with the security management system. Ifyou are paying lots of money to handle large traffic with your current script, you could save much money with JumboFeed monthly.
  • Easy Setup and Instant Work : Don't waste your time. Our team will install and configure the script on your server to make sure all is set for the best performance. Initial installation and server configuration is free of charge. All generically designed contents are included.
  • Full layout and design control : Online templates editor included. Site design is fully editable and main contents areas offer HTML editor in script admin area. As long as you have a basic knowledge of html, can use Notepad (this comes with ms-windows), you can add your own content to the site and it is fully manageable.
  • Friendly and professional support : Free script technical support(*). Online support center for script users. The response time is normally less than 12h.
To inquire about JumboFeed script or place an order, please visit QualityEbiz.com. Or you may also email at admin@jumboFeed.com to get in touch with QualityEbiz’s sales representatives.

Here are some useful links to discover more about JumboFeed search engine script.

JumboFeed feature list

You can find a list of JumboFeed main features. It offers not only Pay Per Click search engine features, but also offers Shopping cart system, various advertising features, affiliate program system, content management system and much more.

JumboFeed price sheet

JumboFeed is a license based script. A license is valid for a domain name to run the script. Script basic package includes generic design & script license. Or you can purchase license & custom web design service package.

Try JumboFeed demo account for user and administrator

It is the best to see yourself what JumboFeed script offers than reading feature list. You can login as demo user for both member area and script administrator area.

Buy pre-designed JumboFeed site

QualityEbiz.com offer established Pay Per Click search engines that you can purchase. Normally those packages include Domain name, professional web design and script license. They are ideal packages for those who do not have any idea for domain name and design but want to start a search engine business right way.

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