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Welcome to JumboFeed
JumboFeed is a PHP Search Engine script provided by QualityEbiz.com
This is a script demo site. To learn and purchase JumboFeed script, click below.
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General Questions
What is Pay-Per-Click Search engine?
A Pay Per Click Search Engine is just that, you pay only for the click throughs to your site.

Who can join JumboFeed.com?
Any individual that has a valid e-mail address can join JumboFeedcom.

Where can I sign up JumboFeed.com?
To register JumboFeed.com, CLICK HERE

Do I have to pay anything to join?
You do not have to pay anything at all to join us unlsee you would like to list your site(s)

Advertisers' Questions
How do I list my website with JumboFeed.com?
It's easy! Sign up Here. Deposit as little as $1 into your account and begin bidding on keywords.

How to advertise my website?
In short, you can define multiple Keyword and their respective bid amount for your website URL. Minimum bid amount for each keyword should be $0.01 and Minimum purchase must be $3. Keyword is the word, which a visitor will search in the search box, and If the word selected by visitor matches your keyword your website will be listed in the search result. You will only be charged for unique click through to your site.

How do I bid on keywords?
After you have signed up and made your deposit, click on "Manage Listings" then "Add Listing" just fill in the information then submit!

How many keywords can I bid on?
As many as you would like to. There is no limit to the amount or type of keywords you can bid on.

I have a website I would like to advertise?
You have to open a new advertiser account with us. You will be able to track your campaign in real time.

What Payment Methods you accept?
At Present, we accept Payment by Paypal, Egold, MoneyBookers and CreditCard(service provided by 2CO)

Affiliates' Questions
Do you have an affiliate program ?
Yes we do. We have different affiliate levels depending on the quality and amount of traffic you send us! (If you are a search engine owner, please CLICK HERE for more info of XML Feed Partner Program.)

What is your affiliate program?
We will pay you the percentage of the bided amount and earn from your referral(s) earnings. We also pay you the percentage of the amount advertiser you referred deposits.

Who can be sign up affiliate program?
If you have a website and you would like to add the JumboFeed.com Search box (or link) to your website, you can become a JumboFeed.com affiliate and start earning cash from searches/clicks from your site. However, Your website must be written in English. Please review our TERMS before you start promoting.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
No. it's free to join and we welcome all internationals.

How can I upgrade my affiliate level?
JumboFeed.com staffs review affiliate accounts. Any affiliates will be upgraded if they send a high and quality traffic on a consistent basis. The guide line is available in your member area. You may not contact us asking your affiliate upgrade.

What do I have to do to Earn Money with SparkleHits?
You simply register as an affiliate or partner with JumboFeed site! As soon as your account is activated, you can earn money in the different ways:
  • Portal: A portal is a link which pre-built search category link. (Click here to see example) Every time visitors search Information using your text link they will see some paid listings. If the visitors visit the paid listings from portal, then you will earn a certain percentage of bid amounts.
  • SearchBox: Login to you account and get simple html codes for the search box and insert these codes on pages where you want a search box to appear.
  • Banners: Refer visitors from our attractive graphic image banner. You can refer to signup page or to your portal link.
  • XML feed: We provide XML feed to our search engines partners.
  • Referral program: Signup as many people as you can under your referral URL and get extra 5% commission on the monthly earnings of each of your referral.

Do you pay for traffic from all countries?
No, We only pay for traffic coming from United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and United Kingdom. However, Some advertiser listings promoted by JumboFeed.com and its partners may only provide credit to your account for North American based IP addresses. JumboFeed.com would be appreciated for your promotion for US/CANADA(north america) base.

Do you allow incentivized searches?
NO, incentivized searches are strictly prohibited. No incentivized searches are strictly prohibited. Any member who uses these practices will be terminated their account and will result in forfeiture of all money owed and possible criminal prosecution. This includes any type of search exchange or any similar practices. Please review our TERMS before you start promoting

Can I target certain keywords?
No, targeting certain keywords is strictly prohibited

Do you allow more than one affiliate account?
NO. You are allowed only one account. If you have more than one affiliate account, all your accounts will be terminated and you will lose all money earned.

How do you pay Affiliates?
We pay monthly on a net 30basis at $3 required minimum. It means that affiliates receive their earnings within 30days of the end of the month accounted for. Example: Payment for your earnings of Feb will be made between 1st of Mar to 30th of Mar. You may receive your payment via PayPal, MoneyBookers, Check or Egold(EGold is not always available and will depend on funds at the time). There is $3 monthly minimum. We pay all affiliates whatever they earned if the earnings are more than $0.01.

If you do not have an account with those payment site, signup by using following link
PayPal, Egold, MoneyBookers

How Can I claim Payment?
You don't have to request payment. We will make payments to all affiliates on a net 45 basis.

What is inactivity?
Any affiliates who has no activities more than 30days may determined as an inactive member. We will remove those inactive members weekly basis and will result in forfeiture of all money owed.

What will happen if I'm caught spamming or cheating?
Any artificial means of generating traffic including, but not limited to, hit bots, multiple clicking scripts, open proxy server, targeting specific keywords, hidden links and incentivizing surfers in any way or any other similar activity will result in forfeiture of all monies owed. Spamming or any other such practice that could reflect negatively on our program are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this request will result in the immediate cancellation of the account from which the clicks were generated and may also result in the forfeiture of any funds owed to that account.

Partners' Questions
What is partner program?
Partner program is for who own search engine(s). We will provide you with XML use so you can run our feed. JumboFeed.com provides XML feed to many engines and we offer high revenue share and exclusive  support. However, we may require a top level domain and professional web design with a high amount of quality traffic.

I own a search site. How can I signup?
Please Register HERE. then CONTACT US

I do not have a search site yet, but am intrested in start one. Can you help?
Yes, We have great service which provides you all scripts and design that you will need for starting a search site. Please  CLICK HERE for further info.

I still have a question, whom can I contact?
If you have any further questions, please contact us at admin@JumboFeed.com
All questions must be sent directly to admin@JumboFeed.com

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